Labor Distribution Agencies

Labor Distribution Agencies

Labor Distribution Agencies

Everyone will want to work because they can make a lot of money. People who work will receive wages in accordance with existing conditions. Almost every year the workforce will increase. Moreover, the birth rate is always rising so there will definitely be a lot of people who need jobs. If you are interested in becoming a job agent then what you need to do is Labor Distribution Agencies

Understand the law

people who have been agents of law for many years should have a better understanding of what the legal basis is. As a supplier of labor, you must know what needs to be their responsibility later. Because there is an article that says where the provider or distributor of labor will arrange the contract. Certainly, a labor supplier has a business with the permits given. Telcotvnews

Requirements that must exist

The requirements that must be owned by the labor provider are:

  • A copy of the form of the agreement contract with the legal entity of the Ministry of Human Rights.
  • Copy of the Articles of Association to provide services to workers.
  • Copy of SIUP
  • A copy of Law No. 1. 7 of 1981.
  • Have a business license
  • Have a full address and permanent office name.
  • Have NPWP
have original and official letter//Official

of course, as a supplier of labor, there must be provisions that apply. And of course, the labor distributors are familiar with the work procedures provided.