How to sell harvested rice

How to sell harvested rice

How to sell harvested rice

Rice from the harvest is of course very much needed by consumers. Because almost everyone needs rice, including in Indonesia. Consumers definitely need the best rice to make it delicious when consumed. Here’s how to sell rice from the harvest. How to sell harvested rice

Scales and Packaging

telcotvnews – Selling Rice, of course, requires scales. Not only in packaged rice but rice in kilo form must also be weighed. With the right size, the buyer will be sure and will not hesitate to buy rice from you continuously. Apart from weighing the rice to be sold, pay attention to the packaging that will be provided. Providing packaging that is environmentally friendly and does not break down quickly, it will make your rice look more quality.

Target Market

To sell any product you must identify the target market. Know the target market in selling rice. By knowing your target market, you can easily sell rice to buyers. A target market system that can make people able to maintain selling prices and products.

Select Rice

Selling Rice is not just taking all the rice from the harvest, farmers have to choose whether the rice is good or not. The rice that is in the packaging is trying not to be dirty and damaged rice. Because buyers managed to find cheaper rice prices. Make them not buy rice at you. In choosing rice, almost everyone will prioritize rice cleanliness and no dirty rice when cooking rice.