COD is safe for delivery

COD is safe for delivery

How to do a safe COD sale, just send it

There are so many online sellers who will do their business but are confused about how to pay. Because there are buyers who are still hesitant to make sales with cash. But it’s not just sellers who often commit mischief in the online world. But the buyers are still doing the same mischief. There are many fictitious orders that are still being made even though it is online. So that not a few sellers often get returns from naughty buyers. COD is safe for delivery

But the sale has become more sophisticated this time with the help of an app. If you want to sell cod, cash, or instantaneously, you don’t need to hesitate. Those of you who make sales from Shopee, Tokopedia, or the Tik-Tok app will help with the delivery of your package to the recipient’s destination. However, those of you who don’t have the account mentioned above can still make sales casually like via the sending app.

Getting to know

Telcotvnews – With the SendinAjam Apk, there is only one door that can go anywhere, those of you who want to sell cash, cod, or instantaneously can. You may rarely hear the application from sending it because this application is only famous among online sales. Why do you have to use the send application here, if there is an Action message, it will immediately help take care of it as quickly as possible. Of course, all actions will be followed up directly.

The advantages of SendinAja

I’ve never used the send application, here are the advantages:
Code System
Payment system cod, of course, can still choose the type of expedition closest to your location. And for pick up problems you can make a request. However, when making a pick-up request, there is a time that has been stated for sure. So you don’t get the wrong time and delivery.

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Instant delivery

If there are buyers who want to buy products from you faster time, you can use instant services. Of course, with the help of instant grab or gosend, you can immediately send all orders. Delivery from gosend or Grab Instant, you still process it through the Sendin application. So the steps are exactly the same as the cod system.

Cash sale

Cash sales, of course, make it easier for the seller. Because the seller does not need to worry about the delivery will be rejected or accepted. Another advantage of this application is that there are very neat notes.

Complaint action

Of course, it’s not only cod or cash sales that have problems. However, there are various problems with delivery. If you want to experience damage to the package or you are unable to track the journey of the package, then you can send a response. Of course, within 1×24 hours there will be a response given.

Check Postage

Before you make a delivery, you can check the postage first. But when you are a cod seller then don’t forget the postage price plus the cod fee. Seller will add.Cod fee. Even though in the send application there is a cod fee, this fee when you compare it to the normal price is not too expensive. When checking the postage price, the sellers will add a postage price of one thousand to two thousand rupiah.