Beverage business with small capital

Beverage business with small capital

Beverage business with small capital

You can start a beverage business with small capital from now on. Every business will indeed require large funds. But not everyone can start their business with small capital. This is what makes many people think that small capital will not work.

Did you know that starting a business doesn’t need a large capital? With a small capital, you can start your business. Of course, many are wondering what kind of business can be obtained with small capital. Not all businesses have to have big capital. You can start a small business. With the right marketing system and application of selling goods, it can generate a lot of profit.

Type of beverage business

Telcotvnews – You can try capital with a small business from selling drinks. Now there are many types of drinks that you can sell. In addition to the delicious and fresh taste, you will also get a lot of profit. Here are some types of businesses with small capital that you can choose, namely:

Iced tea drink

In hot and scorching weather, of course, there will be many people looking for fresh and cold drinks. One of them is drinking cold iced tea during the day. Almost everyone likes to drink iced tea. Besides being delicious and fresh, iced tea also offers low prices for drink buyers. Ordinary people, of course, think that iced tea is just an ordinary drink. But did you know that there are also variations of iced tea so that those of you who buy it will not feel bored?

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Ice with

One type of drink that you can find easily. Living in the tropics of course you will see lots of coconut trees being planted. The weather is hot and hot, so it’s definitely better to drink coconut water by eating it. You can get into this business of selling ice drinks by looking for young coconut sellers.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is very good for health and can also be a beverage business that you can run. Only with a capital of sugar cane and a sugar cane squeezer machine, you can sell.