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How to sell on Shopee food

How to sell on shopee food

How to sell on Shopee food

Since the presence of Shopee Food, there are many have joined the online selling of food. The pandemic has made it difficult for many food entrepreneurs to make money. To continue selling and making money, food vendors try to find ways to sell Shopee food. Not everyone who sells food can join Shopee food.

There are several requirements that must be met to sell Shopee food. After knowing the requirements, you can directly register in the join column at Shopee food.

How to join are:

Filling in form – Telcotvnews

Log in to the Shopee food service and follow a few steps in filling out the form. If you are interested, you can directly click fill in the data and then after filling out the form you will be directed to a page to fill in the email address that is still in use.

Fill in your complete personal data and address according to your ID card

After filling in all the data you can proceed to the next page. Entering the new page you will be asked by the Shopee. The question is whether you have joined Shopee food before. If you can’t write right away, don’t.

online//trained until you can

Select or show a selling location

After filling in all the data, you will be asked to indicate the location of your sale. Select the available options. And make sure the location is correct.

Name and type

After officially becoming a member, you can now directly enter the name of the store and also the products you sell. Don’t forget to fill in your type of business whether you are an individual or a legal entity. Then fill in the address and postal code. Don’t make a mistake in writing the address and postal code. because it could be that the Shopee courier will have difficulty taking the food you sell.


In the food business, not everyone has their own production business. Sometimes there are open franchises. So you have to write down the category of food you are selling.

Post a photo

In order for them to believe that this shop exists, you have to take a photo with 2 different photo models. Shop photos from front and back. The photo behind which is meant is a photo of a place where food is made such as a kitchen.

Questions and confirmations

Set the stage of filling out the form, location, category, and photo of the store. After getting verification, you can fill in some complete personal data. They will ask about where you get Shopee food member info. Select several available answers and then click. In addition to confirming the members, prepare some written statements regarding all the data entered in Shopee food correctly.


Wait for verification from Shopee food. You will get verification via email or telephone.

Shopee visit

After getting verification, you can fill in some complete personal data. There will be a form and also a letter of cooperation agreement for Shopee food members. After filling in all the data, you can directly send the data via email or softcopy to Shopee food. Shopee food will send a team to visit your shop. Shopee will come and visit your place. Will train you for the next 15 days.

It took a long time to register as a Shopee food member. After all the efforts and requirements are available, you can immediately sell Shopee food.