Type of Business and Explanation

Type of Business and Explanation

Type of Business and Explanation


In Indonesia, it is very suitable for agriculture. By cultivating crops, it is not only household needs that can be fulfilled. Businesses in agriculture can be carried out abroad. Types of agricultural businesses are ornamental plants, coffee plantations, fruit trees, and others.

  1. Industry
    doing industrial business you can choose whether you want to sell semi-finished products or finished goods products. You can work in a variety of industries so you can choose which one you like. Industrial businesses are food, beverage, textile industry, and medical devices. Telcotvnews
  2. Tourism
    Your tourism sector business can choose to be abroad or within the country. Because the discussion of the tourism business is not just inviting tourists to go out, but there is also the lodging business, organizers of creative and entertainment events, or renting out tools for tours.


Informal business sectors are street vendors or parking attendants. Doing business in an informal way is certainly wide open to anyone and can certainly support their daily needs.

  1. Services
    Businesses in the service sector can be in the form of salons, event organizers, laundry, or website creation services. People who open services like the one above, of course, have different rates.
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The business that is done in any field is not a problem. The most important thing is that you want to do it well and consistently. Everyone can actually do business in any field if they understand and are willing to learn. In fact, no human being can immediately do heavy work if it is not accompanied by learning.