Export Business

Export Business

Export Business

As an entrepreneur, of course, it’s not just having a big company because companies can run anywhere and anytime. As an entrepreneur, you can work domestically or abroad. People who become entrepreneurs are people who want to do small things. It’s not easy but with determination, there are many ways.

Becoming an export entrepreneur for beginners, of course, can now be done. Before knowing what the steps are, you have to know where export is the activity of sending goods abroad.

There are several steps that can be taken in doing the export, namely:


Telcotvnews – You must make a business permit for shipping goods overseas. Of course, it would be better if you have a PT or CV. However, those of you who still have a minimum of money can do an export business by means of an individual business. By registering individuals, the cost is relatively cheap.

Agreement contract

The contract letter is very important as is the sales note, but the contents of the contract letter are payment, price, method of delivery, to insurance. Where this contract will be a letter of agreement between the sender and the recipient.

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Making Letters Of Credit

As a sender, you must write a letter to the recipient. Where the letter is a guarantee that later the money will be received by the recipient in accordance with the agreement.

Preparing cargo is of course very important because you need transportation so that the goods sent can get to the place. You have to find a means of transportation that is cheap and has official permission so that problems don’t occur one day.

Money Collection
The final step is to take the money that was previously promised. If you want to take money from the bank, you must show a letter of delivery and letters related to delivery.