Netflix invites Arabic translators to take online test for subtitling jobs

Since its launch in more than 190 countries last January, Netflix has substantially increased the scale of its localisation efforts, offering content in a number of languages. The streaming giant presently offers content in more than 20 languages including Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Korean, Chinese and Polish, to name a few.

With a growing requirement for world-class translators, Netflix has introduced an online subtitling and translation test and indexing system called Hermes to hire translators from around the world. Arabic translators interested in subtitling can take the test online to apply for the positions. Find more information about Hermes on the Netflix tech blog.

English won’t be the primary viewing experience on Netflix, and Hermes is being viewed as a key tool to further the company’s ambitions to stream content in local languages across the world.

Netflix claims that thousands of candidates around the world have already completed the test, covering all represented languages.