Cellcom Israel, Xfone deal approved by antitrust body

Cellcom Israel Ltd announced that following the Company’s previously reported July 2016 network sharing and hosting agreement with Marathon 018 Xfone Ltd. (“Xfone” and the “Original Agreement”, respectively), and the previously reported further negotiations with Xfone, the Israeli Antitrust commissioner has approved the Original Agreement, subject to the annulment of a certain provision. The Original Agreement further requires the approval of the Israeli Ministry of communications.

In July, Cellcom announced that it had entered a 4G network sharing and 2G and 3G hosting services agreement with Xfone, which was awarded 4G frequencies in the 2015 tender and has not entered the mobile market yet. Cellcom CEO Nir Sztern said the agreement will advance the cellular infrastructure in Israel and guarantee continued investments in the development of 4G, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

In related news, Cellcom Israel also announced that over 100,000 households are enjoying its Cellcom TV services.