beIN SERIES HD brings wide selection of entertainment programming

beIN’s newly launched series channel beIN SERIES HD is fast becoming a popular channel for many households in MENA. The channel offers a comprehensive selection of popular Hollywood series in full HD.

During this week, beIN SERIES will launch different interesting and popular series that will be aired at 20:00 Mecca time on channel number 70. “The Mysteries of Laura”, is a series that narrates the life of a single mother who is also NYPD detective. In the story, the single mother carries out exemplary work by cracking case after case even though she continuously has encounters with her less helpful ex-husband who is also a police detective. The excellent work of the detective is furthermore evident given the fact that she also raises her wild twin boys.

The action series “Arrow” will also be shown at 21:00 Mecca time. The plotline of this story revolves around the life of Oliver Queen, who is a spoiled billionaire’s child, thought to be dead after his boat is lost at sea. Oliver comes back to his home city five years later with the aim of cleaning up the city of corrupt members through the use of vigilante methods.

Another popular series that will be aired at 23:00 Mecca time is “The Originals”, a drama and horror series. In this series, a powerful family consisting of thousand year old vampires is in a quest to reclaim back their city that they had built in the past.

Besides beIN SERIES, beIN also carries entertainment and lifestyle channels like Fox HD, CBS Reality, Outdoor Channel, Travel Channel, Al Arabi, HGTV, Extreme, Fatafeat, VHD and DMax. These channels, over 7 air diverse programs and generes including series, factual, lifestyle, music and cooking programs popular in MENA households. With over 75 mostly HD channels, beIN is the best choice for entertainment lovers.