Arab Telemedia Group explores international markets for Arabic drama

Jordan-based Arab Telemedia Group screened its in-house production, a historical drama series, at MIPTV for the first time. Titled Malek Bin Al Rayb, the series chronicles the life of a poet and knight from the Bani Tamim tribe who would steal from the rich to collect food for the poor.

Commenting on the production house’s participation at MIPTV, Talal Awamleh, CEO and Producer at Arab Telemedia Group, said: “Our aim for this year is to expand the exposure of Arabic drama in the global market. We think Malek Bin Al Rayb has international appeal and audiences across the world will appreciate it. Cannes is a seasoned market and provides you with the right exposure, which is why we attend MIPTV every year.”

Arab Telemedia Group is launching a new platform that will showcase its content exclusively. The platform will be linked to the Arab Telemedia Group’s website, thereby giving more opportunities to monetise the platform.

The production house is presently developing two big shows with American Director Joseph Zito. The shows also involve several international and Jordanian writers.

“Our content is evolving towards meeting the international standards of the industry. We are also creating a TV series and are in talks with financial advisers and lawyers to make a funding plan for that,” he said.